Creativity in the internet-age demands plurality

A meaningful relationship with
media necessitates creation, critique, and curation,
not merely consumption.

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I'm an enthusiastic and driven designer, writer, curator, and creator, based in London.
I strive to subvert, to challenge, to innovate, and to experiment in everything I do.

I'm passionate about a wide range of media, and believe that the form should always exist in service of the message, not the other way around. Over the last half a decade my work has spanned video games, interactive media, hypertext, graphic design, journalism, web design, photography, film, and copywriting.

I originally started out writing feature articles and reviews for Capsule Computers, and The Indie Game Magazine, as well as doing a number of short work placements at Network Rail, Eye Sparks, Automated Intelligence, The App Builder, and Replify.

Over the last three years I've largely focused on fairly traditional video games, releasing two point & click adventures: "Stranded" and "Murder", both published by Curve Digital, which went on to sell over 10,000 copies, and garner an enthusiastic niche following amongst both players and critics.

I'm now taking a step back from traditional games, in order to pursue shorter, more experimental, and more personal projects (beginning with my MEMSYS hypertext series), and also so that I might branch out into other areas entirely. In 2015 this saw me showcasing an experimental web adaptation of George Orwell's "1984" at Beta Public IV, and providing VFX for an interactive theatre piece by CoLab.

I'm the music editor at Unsettled Magazine, writing feature articles, reviews, and more.

Grimes’ signature ethereal vocals are here, with as much layering and reverb as ever, but the accompanying rhythm guitar and syncopated percussion elevates the sound into something anthemic and eminently danceable.

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I curate and produce under the alias Crystal Radio including hosting a live radio show

Ambient and experimental sounds to mellow, reframe, and unsettle

Alternate Thursdays
1800H GMT on Arts: Live

My passion for interactive media has taken me on a journey through web design, hypertext, and alt-games, and I've been interested in creating digital art from a very young age.

When I was ten years old, my dad gave me an old MS-DOS laptop, and taught me a little bit of programming in BASIC. I toyed around with it and made a short, barely functional text-based adventure game. Later I went on to play with Unity 3D, making basic landscapes and decorating them with trees and plants.

After trying out various game engines for a few years, I made my first clumsy foray into commercial development with Incursion, a text-based adventure with humorous dialogue and a loose pixel/vector art style. The game reached beta just before my eighteenth birthday, but work on it was never fully completed.

Two years later, I released Stranded, a minimalist point & click adventure game, published by Curve Digital, with artwork from Lucas Carvalho and Glauber Kotaki, and audio from Steven Velema and Joe Edwards. Stranded went on to sell over 10,000 copies and garner some positive reception.

In late 2015 I released Murder, a short story exploring the implications of morality and sentience in a cyberpunk universe. The title was created in collaboration with Glauber Kotaki, Lucas Carvalho, Steven Velema, and KubrixXx, and published by Curve Digital for desktop and tablet devices.

Right now I'm working on MEMSYS, a series of diverse, experimental, and personal hypertext pieces, combining elements from literature, computer science, dream diaries, lucid dreaming, phobias, and life experience. Parts of MEMSYS will be shown at exhibition spaces at various times throughout the project.

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